General Insurance Advisor

House and property insurance are normally generalised under one bracket in the financial services industry, but RH Financial offers several insurance broker options.

Standard Home Insurance Advisor

In the event of a fire, flood or burglary, how much money would you say you had readily available to cover a substantial loss or potential repair bill? Our homes are likely to be our most expensive possession and like car insurance, building insurances can be a legally required policy, especially if the property is mortgaged as most lenders expect to see you have adequate protection in place should damages occur.

Contents are equally as important though. If you think about taking the roof of your property, flip your house upside down and tip it over, anything that falls out is deemed as contents. This type of policy is massively neglected and often not considered but think of the previous sentence, how much would you need to spend to cover these household items from scratch.

Our home insurance brokers research the market to discover the best policy available for your needs, with a wealth of experience and knowledge our experts will guide you through the market, offing specialist insurance advice to fit your exact circumstances.

Non-Standard Home Insurance Advisor

Home Improvements, unoccupied or rented properties tend to be incorrectly insured with most people opting for a basic buildings insurance policy that wouldn’t cover them should a claim be made. Most normal policies have clauses or endorsements in place to state a property must be habitable, occupied permanently albeit holidays are normally allowed and some state that damage caused during major home improvements such as demolition work’s or extensions would not be an insurable event.

Certain properties come under the non-standard category such as listed buildings, high-value properties and cover for clients needing expensive contents coverage. Premises that have had previous claims may find it hard to find competitive cover however, our specialist insurance advisors have access to several dedicated non-standard insurance companies on our panel that can help find the most appropriate cover for your needs.

At RH Financial Consultants, we offer advice on a range of different insurance types, such as life insurance, private medical insurance and business protection.

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Commercial Property Insurance Advisor

Business premises whether for public use or office space need not only the building insured but some also need public or professional liability cover added to protect the general public or workforce and sometimes even insure the product or services provided, many businesses also need business protection in order to ensure peace of mind.

Contents in the workplace can be expensive with stock or equipment being a large initial investment to any company, for example, office staff need telephones, computers, desks, printers etc per employee with the initial outlay costing anything from £500 upwards, so in the event of a claim, it would cost thousands of pounds to get the business back up and running.

To ensure your business has the right level of insurance cover, our specialist insurance advisors take the time to listen to your exact requirements. With access to a huge panel of options, our brokers then find your business the best possible cover for your complete peace of mind.

Buildings Policy Insurance Advisor

There have been historic cases when a landlord assumed the property is insured by the tenant and vice versa and it’s up to the landlord to ensure their premises remain fully insured. However, standard buildings insurance would not cover any malicious damage nor does it cover loss of rent.

A specialist buildings policy designed specifically for buy to let properties can cover this. It offers extras such as legal protection or accidental damage caused by the tenant and some even offering alternative accommodation if required. Home emergency cover is also a great addition to ensure the tenants can get the help or assistance if needed rather than waiting on trades etc.

Our insurance advisors have years of experience finding the best buy to let insurance policies for a range of different circumstances. Our independent advisors listen to your exact needs and explore the market to find the best possible buy to let insurance you need.

Emma Verity, our in-house home insurance ‘expert’ says, ‘I find great satisfaction in helping my clients ensure that their personal and sometimes priceless possessions are covered. In 2007, South Yorkshire suffered a tremendous and devastating event when the extensive floods occurred and it was saddening to see many people in the press heartbroken that all their household possessions literally got washed away and they didn’t have any insurance in place to help recover their financial and property loss. Many people automatically think about insuring their cars or themselves, but property is such a big investment and for that to be destroyed without the option to claim, I believe this is just as important to make sure our homes and contents are covered.’

R H Financial Consultants Ltd act as a credit broker not a lender for home insurance.

 Richard always takes the time to give good thorough advice, explaining all the options. He always makes time to chat to you. He is also very knowledgeable but breaks info down easily.

– Anonymous (for privacy reasons)

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